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Dyżur konsularny w Troy w stanie Michigan w dniach 28-29 kwietnia 2023 r.

Dyżur odbędzie się w:

American Polish Cultural Center

2975 E. Maple Rd.

Troy, 48083 Michigan

wejście od ulicy Maple Rd.


Konsulat Generalny RP w Chicago organizuje w Troy w stanie Michigan dyżur konsularny
w dniach 28 i 29 kwietnia 2023 r. (piątek-sobota).

Podczas dyżuru konsularnego będzie można złożyć wniosek o paszport oraz wnioski w sprawach prawnych (rejestracja małżeństw, urodzeń, zmiana imienia i nazwiska, poświadczenie podpisu i kopii)




13th Anniversary of Smolensk Polish Air Force crash

83rd Anniversary of the Katyń Massacre

St. Faustina Church
14025 E. 12 Mile Rd. Warren, MI
Sunday, April 23, 2023 at 5:00 pm

Polish American Congress-Michigan Resolutions 2022

Polish American Congress-Michigan Resolutions 2022

The following Resolutions were voted on by the PAC-MI membership at the Aril 23, 2022 Annual Meeting:



  1. Whereas, We recognize and observe the following significant 2020-2022 anniversaries locally:    100thAnniversary of St’ Lad’s Church, 100th Anniversary city of Hamtramck, 95th Anniversary of Transfiguration Church, 90th Anniversary of Polish Varieties Radio, 85th Anniversary of Friends of Polish Art, 65th Anniversary of Wieliczka Dancers, 60th Anniversary of Gwiazda Dancers, 50th Anniversary of Adam Mickiewicz Polish School, 50th Anniversary of Polish Night at Detroit Tigers,  50th Anniversary of PAC MI Scholarship Fund Program, 45th Anniversary of Klub Polonia in Wyandotte, 40th Anniversary of Centennial Dancers,

          25th Anniversary of Polanie Dancers, and

Whereas, significant anniversaries are celebrated nationwide; 140thAnniversary of Polish National Alliance, 135th Anniversary of the Polish Falcons of America, 115 years of Polish Falcons of America, Nest 86, 40th Anniversary of Solidarity Movement,

Therefore, we congratulate all these entities and wish them continued success;

  1. Whereas, in 2020 we celebrated the 100th Anniversary of Battle of Warsaw, Cud nad Wisłą, therefore we congratulate the PAC-MI for honoring that anniversary with written material promoting the Poland’s victory over Soviet Russia in 1920,


Whereas, in 2021 Poland celebrated the 230th Anniversary of the Polish Constitution of 1791, therefore we acknowledge Polish American Congress-Michigan Division for commemorating the anniversary with ceremonies supported by printed promotional material,

Therefore, we laud the Michigan Division in all efforts to document and promote Polish history;

  1. Whereas, Ukraine is fighting to defend its independence,

Therefore, we stand with the people of Ukraine in solidarity and we commend Polish citizens, worldwide Polonia, and the Polish government for extending significant help in their dire need, and as Poland’s President noted, that we will continue stand by them as they fight for freedom, independence, and peace;

  1. We continue to anticipate that the present administration, led by US President Joseph Biden, will serve the Polish American community well, will be mindful of Poland’s security as an independent nation, and will support her good standing in the free world;
  2. We renew our appeal to Polish Americans, to be informed and actively involved in social and political issues of the United States, and in efforts promoting Poland’s and Polish best interests, e.g. defending Poland’s good name;
  3. We renew our appeal to members of Polonian organizations, as well as to anyone who is not currently a part of organized Polonia, to actively support the work of the Polish American Congress, locally and nationally, and to join and become actively involved in work that can benefit us all and our community,
  4. We renew our appeal to parents to raise their children in a patriotic spirit through participation in Polish language programs and membership in youth organizations that foster and nurture our Polish values and instill an appreciation for our rich heritage, thus increasing our children’s effectiveness to compete in American society. We continue to support efforts to promote books, articles, films, and materials, which foster the good name and true history of Poland and our heritage;
  5. We again send our best wishes to our local Polish media, for continued success in their efforts to keep Polonia informed and best serve our community: Polish Weekly and Polish Varieties Radio; and we appeal to Polonia to actively support these media and their sponsors.
  6. We renew our appeal to all who are of Polish descent, and to those who are supportive of our heritage, to stand united and in solidarity in promoting and protecting the good name and rich heritage of Poland and the Polish American community, thus enriching American life;
  7. Whereas we gratefully acknowledge Henrietta Nowakowski’s efforts in research of Polish Soldiers of World War I – Blue Army buried at the Holy Sepulcher Cemetery in Southfield where, together with the Polish government (Institute of National Remembrance) and the Polish Mission of Orchard Lake, they will be honored for their service with granite crosses and a large monument,

Therefore, we express Polonia’s gratitude for these combined efforts in bringing this project to fruition;

  1. Whereas Orchard Lake Seminary welcomes its new Rector, Father Bernard Witek,

Therefore, we extend our best wishes for success and congratulate him, and we thank Father Jacek Kowal for his work on behalf of OLS and St. Cyril and Methodius Seminary and wish him continued success;

  1. Whereas, Thomas Wolski and Anna Huk Glaeser, who each served 12 years as officers, are leaving the Executive Board of the PAC MI

Therefore, we gratefully acknowledge their many years for the betterment of our organization.

Resolutions Committee Barbara Lemecha, Henrietta Nowakowski and Stella Szczesny

50th Anniversary of the PAC of Michigan Scholarship Fund, Inc.

50th Anniversary of the PAC of Michigan

Scholarship Fund, Inc.

The 50th Anniversary of the PAC of Michigan Scholarship Fund, Inc. took place on Wednesday August 3, 2022 at Stitts Post in Dearborn Hts., Michigan. Those in attendance had an enjoyable time with delicious Polish food cooked by Halina and her staff. Each guest received a goodie bag filled with items donated by PRCUA, PNA and Stella Szczesny. They also had the opportunity to win a variety of prizes.

Over 100 former scholarship recipients were invited to write a few words about themselves which was included in a brief history of the PAC of Michigan Scholarship Fund, Inc. This book was compiled by Joann Ozog, Recording Secretary. Board Chairman, Ann Bankowski introduced those present (Taylor Withers Beauchamp, Christopher Ozog, Leonard Zabawski and Alec Westphal) and presented each with a plaque of acknowledgement and an inspirational book, “Life is a Journey”. Joann Ozog also wrote this book which is about the many challenges one encounters in their life’s journey.

Wally Ozog, President, then introduced John Swidinski, President of the PA Federal Credit Union. For many years, the credit union donated $500.00 to the scholarship fund. On this special Anniversary year, the PA Federal Credit Union received a plaque of appreciation for their years of interest and support of the future leaders of Polonia.

The 2022 PAC of Michigan Scholarship recipients were then introduced. Christopher Adamczyk, Vice-President, introduced Ian Melnyk who is attending MSU; Bob Bielenda, Treasurer, introduced Grace Ozog who is attending U of M; Member Rick Lapham introduced Caroline Raczkowski, a DePaul University student. Each received $2,000.00, a plaque of Recognition and the inspirational book, “Life is a Journey”.

A special “thank you” is extended to those who joined in the festivities of this milestone anniversary. Without them, this celebration would not have taken place.

We also thank the former scholarship recipients who attended the dinner and also, to those who took the time to write a brief resume for our anniversary book. They are part of the history of the PAC of Michigan Scholarship Fund, Inc. and should not be forgotten.

Lastly, we appreciate everyone who donated to the “Invest in the Future” scholarship appeal. It is because of these donors that we are able to continue to give scholarships. Hopefully, the former scholarship recipients will remember who made a difference for them to attain their degree and they will reciprocate and give back so that future students will benefit from it.

Words that a friend of mine often used and I would like to end my article with is, “If you give with your eyes open, you will be happy and the PAC of Michigan Scholarship Fund, Inc. will continue to exist for another 50 years.

Submitted by Joann S. Ozog (Recording Secretary)


URGENT LEGISLATIVE ALERT – Please call your congressperson by June 9!



With few exceptions, today Poland and the Poles are receiving overall very positive coverage by the mass media.  This is because Poland is playing a key role in providing a haven for Ukrainian War Refugees, who are largely women and children. With American public opinion in this 2022 election year now favorably disposed toward our ancestral country, the Polish American Congress needs to work hard to enact House Resolution 664 (H.Res. 664):  Commemorating the anniversary of the 1939 invasions of Poland by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union and recognizing the importance of the Republic of Poland as a stalwart NATO ally of the United States.

To date, this resolution drafted by the PAC Long Island Division and sponsored by Congressman Thomas Suozzi (D-NY3) has received five sponsors.  The PAC’s Washington, DC Office needs your help to identify at least 12 more members of Congress who may agree to co-sponsor H.R. 664. The PAC K Street Office will then call on the members of Congress whom you identify who have NOT YEY AGREED TO CO-SPONSOR H. RES. 664 after having received requests to do so from your divisions’ members.

Please ask the members of your division to phone, or visit, the District Offices of your States’ members of the House of Representatives and ask them to state their names and addresses to show that they are constituents.

Next, request that the members of your division ask their Member of the House of Representatives to agree to co-sponsor H.R. 664, and let the representative know that her/his Polish American constituents will remember on Election Day 2022 whether, or not, the member agreed to be a co-sponsor.

Finally, please email me the names of the members of the House of Representatives your members either phoned, or visited, and let me know the names of those who agreed to co-sponsor H.R. 664. I will visit the Washington, DC offices of those who DID NOT ALREADY AGREE to co-sponsor H.R. 664 after having received from your divisions’ members requests to do so.  Therefore, I would be grateful to Division presidents if they would email to me BEFORE JUNE 9,2022 a list of all members of the House of Representatives contacted by their members and the names of those who agreed to co-sponsor H. R. 664.

Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to your key role in enacting H.Res. 664.

Best regards,

John Czop

May 3 Constitution Day


‘Solidarity’ ~ Pamiętamy~


Informacja prasowa!

Prezeska Kongresu Polonii Amerykańskiej Pani Anna Bańkowska, potwierdziła projekt filmowania, głównie Solidarnościowców, w siedzibie Kongresu w Hamtramcku.

Filmowanie odbędzie się w SOBOTĘ, 9 KWIETNIA, zaczynając od 1:00 pp.

Celem zachowania pamięci i wspomnień wokół wydarzeń, będzie to ważną lekcję dla przyszłych pokoleń.

Osoba, która będzie przedstawiać pytania będzie, co najmniej 2 metry z dala od uczestnika i z maską.  Uczestnicy filmowania będą bez masek, z mikrofonikiem przyczepionym do koszulki.

Jak zwykle, filmowanie będzie przeprowadzone w obu językach, w tym dwujęzykowym projekcie.  Dziennikarka Pani profesor Alicja Karlić przedstawi nowatorskie pytania.

Reżyserka Bożena Bienias zaczęła filmować z operatorem w 2013 roku, uczestników drugiej wojny światowej.  Z dziesięć uczestników brało udział z różnych cześć Polski walczącej.  Nie było uczestnika z partyzantki, więc gdyby był ktoś zainteresowany, bardzo proszę się zgłosić.  Pracując z nauczycielką, fragmenty z tego filmowania są w trakcie opracowania i przygotowania razem z curriculum dla uczniów/studentów.

Zdjęcia pamiątkowe oraz pamiątki można przywieść dla skanowania na miejscu w Kongresie.  Wszystko Państwo odbierzecie za raz po czasie filmowania.

Ponieważ musimy rozplanować czas filmowania, uprzejmie prosimy skontaktować się z Panią Bożeną:

Imię ________________________________

Nazwisko ____________________________ email________________________________

# tel._________________________________

Miejsce mieszkania w tym czasie historycznym ___________________.


Do usłyszenia!

Bożena Bienias 989/

‘Solidarity Remembered’

Press Release

Ms. Bożena Bienias, in cooperation with the Polish American Congress of Michigan, organizes the action of recording the memories of emigrants, especially the so-called “Solidarity emigrants”.

If you are one of them, if you have something interesting to share, if you would like to record your memories, your life, talk about the beginnings of life in the United States, please read the attached leaflet and contact Ms. Bożena Bienias