About Polish American Congress

Goals and Objectives

The Polish American Congress works with its member organizations to achieve the following:

  • To unify people of Polish ancestry in the United States.
  • To encourage the growth of Polish American fraternal, educational, cultural, social, youth, parish, civic, veteran and professional associations.
  • To encourage exposure to Polish history and culture in schools, parishes and cultural institutions.
  • To acquaint people of Polish ancestry with their rights, privileges and duties as American citizens.
  • To maintain active liaison with local, state and federal government officials regarding the needs and concerns of Americans of Polish ancestry.
  • To protect the good name of American of Polish ancestry in political, national, social and economic matters.
  • To react at a time of crisis when the needs and concerns of Polonia must be represented.
  • To inform the American public about the Polish American community and Poland’s role in history.
  • To inform Americans of Polish ancestry of actions taken by the Polish American Congress to assist people of Polish ancestry.
  • To promote radio, TV and print media which inform and unite Polish Americans.