The Distortion Of Polish History

The agendas of historical revisionism about Poland at play right now.

It’s not the Russians or Germans intent on rewriting history, but sadly it’s the co-victims from the Holocaust who are now trying to revise history and turn Poles into the aggressors, worse than the Germans for various reasons, which I address in the video.

I look at this objectively and in doing so I have been attacked repeatedly as an anti-Semite, Holocaust denier, and a white nationalist. My work is all research based and factual and though some of it may not sound positive for some people, it is the truth and our goal as historians is to find the truth and that is what I did.

It is important that we share this message so people understand why Poland is being attacked now and the reasons behind it as well as the truth about Poland’s wartime heroism, which is hardly known. The more people hear the truth, the better. Poland has been defamed and her good name needs to be repaired for the sake of all of the heroes that died in the name of freedom.