Resolutions Accepted at PAC Annual Meeting on March 14, 2015

  1. Whereas we call on all Poles, and all the faithful, to prayerfully remember our beloved pope and recently canonized St. John Paul II, as the 10th anniversary of his passing approaches on April 2. The year 2015 has been designated to his memory by the Polish government.
  2. Whereas April 10th of this year will mark the 5th anniversary of the tragic plane crash near Smoleńsk during which 97 persons of Poland’s elite lost their lives, including Poland’s president, Lech Kaczynski and his wife, Poland’s First Lady, Maria Kaczynska, we will continue to honor their memory.
  3. Whereas this year marks the 70th anniversary of the Allied victory ending WWII and when the Allied armies’ liberated Auschwitz and other German Nazi concentration and slave labor camps. Though the victory did not bring freedom for the Polish nation, we remember all who fought, suffered, and died in the Allied victory effort.
  4. Whereas, this year we salute the brave women and men of the Solidarity movement in Poland as we observe the 35th anniversary of its founding.
  5. Whereas we recognize significant local anniversaries of 2014 and 2015 celebrated by our division’s member organizations as well as those institutions serving the larger Polonia community: 130 years since the founding of the Orchard Lake Schools and Seminary; 110 years of news/publishing tradition by the Polish Weekly; 100 years of the Polish American Central Citizens Committee, the PNA Lodge 1758, the Hamtramck Police Department and Hamtramck Fire Department; 85 years of the Polish Varieties Radio Program; 80 years of the Club Filarets; 50 years of the Wawel Folk Dance Ensemble; 45 years since the founding of the PAC Ann Arbor chapter; 35 years of Our Lady of Częstochowa parish in Sterling Heights;  30 years of the Polish Home Army Veterans of Metropolitan Detroit, who have sponsored numerous masses for our homeland and continue to publish their patriotic newsletter, “Biuletyn”; 25 years of the American Polish Cultural Center. We wish them continued success and work for the good of Polonia;
  6. Whereas we laud the efforts of Friends of Polish Art along with the Detroit Opera Theatre for arranging to bring the Polish opera, “The Passenger”, to Detroit in November 2015 and we urge all of Polonia to support this event;
  7. Whereas we renew our appeal to Polish-Americans, to be informed and actively involved in social and political issues of the United States and in efforts promoting Polonian/Polish interests, e.g. the proposed Visa Waiver Program.
  8. Whereas, while we reaffirm the Polish American Congress national policy accepted in 1991, to stand neutral on issues relating to Poland’s internal politics, as a division we reserve the right to adopt positions, as approved by our membership, on political, social and cultural issues which effect, directly and indirectly, interests of Polonia, Poles, and Poland.
  9. Whereas we renew our appeal to members of Polonian organizations, as well as to anyone who is not yet part of organized Polonia, to actively support the work of the Polish American Congress, locally and nationally, and to join and become actively involved in work that can benefit us all and our community.
  10. Whereas we renew our appeal to parents to raise their children in a patriotic spirit through participation in Polish language programs and membership in youth organizations that foster and nurture our Polish values and instill an appreciation of our rich heritage and thus increase our children’s effectiveness to compete in American society.
  11. Whereas we support efforts to promote books, films, and materials, which foster the good name and true history of Poland and our heritage.
  12. Whereas we send best wishes to our local Polish media, for continued success in their efforts to keep Polonia informed and best serve our community: The Polish Weekly; Polish Varieties Radio Program; The Polish Times; and Telewizja Detroit.
  13. Whereas we renew our appeal to all who are of Polish descent, and to those who are supportive of our heritage, to stand united and in solidarity in promoting and protecting the good name and rich heritage of Poland and the Polish-American community, thus enriching American life.
  14. Whereas we remember the service and valor of Lieutenant Colonel Matt Urban, the most highly decorated combat infantry officer of World War II. He was described by President Carter as “the greatest soldier in American history.” Over 1,000 military personnel of all ranks & their families burst into tears & applause as Lieutenant Colonel Matt Urban received America’s highest recognition for military valor above & beyond the call of duty, the “Medal of Honor.”
  15. Whereas we urge the U.S. Postal Service to issue a commemorative stamp in honor of Lieutenant Colonel Matt Urban.

We therefore, as the Michigan division of the Polish American Congress, resolve to accept said resolutions, this 14th day of March 2015, as agreed upon unanimously by the membership at its annual meeting of this day.


2015 Resolution Committee: Ann Bańkowski; Zdzisław Jurek; Barbara Gronet; Waldemar Raczkowski; Helena Żmurkiewicz