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Recently our PAC-MI Division was called on to inform Polonia in Michigan and help seek support for a laudable congressional resolution about Poland, entitled: “Commemorating the anniversary of the Invasion of Poland and recognizing the importance of the United States alliance with the Republic of Poland.”

It is to be introduced this month to the US House of Representatives by Rep. Thomas Suozzi (Democrat from New York).

The resolution brings attention to the suffering and losses experienced by the nation of Poland during WWII, commemorating the attack on September 1, 1939, which inaugurated the Second World War and the subsequent occupation of Poland by Nazi Germany until 1945. It also underscores and appeals for continuing the long held strong alliance between Poland and the US which can be mutually very beneficial.

Below please read the wording of this resolution as well as a few points of information in how we can work to strengthen its support and passage in Congress.

RESOLUTION: Commemorating the anniversary of the Invasion of Poland and recognizing the importance of the United States alliance with the Republic of Poland.


Whereas on September 1, 1939, German forces led by Adolf Hitler attacked the Republic of Poland;


Whereas on September 17, 1939, Soviet forces led by Joseph Stalin attacked the Republic of Poland;


Whereas subsequent to the completion of the invasion, the Republic of Poland was divided under the terms of the “German–Soviet Boundary and Friendship Treaty”;


Whereas Adolf Hitler issued the command to invade with orders “to send to death mercilessly and without compassion, men, women, and children of Polish derivation and language”;


Whereas in Poland, a traditionally tolerant country that was home to Europe’s largest Jewish population, German occupying forces established death camps where millions were murdered;


Whereas Poland lost a higher percentage of its population than any other nation in World War II due to the genocide perpetrated by occupying forces;


Whereas relations between the United States and Poland date back several centuries;


Whereas Polish settlers first arrived in Jamestown in 1608;


Whereas the current relationship between the United States and the Republic of Poland is deep and mutually beneficial to both countries;


Whereas since the collapse of communism in Europe, the Republic of Poland’s prosperity and integration into Western institutions has provided a model for other countries in the region;



Whereas the addition of the Republic of Poland to NATO in 1999 has strengthened the alliance and provided a crucial bulwark against aggression by Russia;


Whereas the Department of State describes the Republic of Poland as “a stalwart ally in Central Europe and one of the United States’ strongest partners in fostering security and prosperity regionally, throughout Europe, and the world’;


;…Now, therefore, be it


Resolved, That the House of Representatives—


(1) honors the millions of Poles who lost their lives during the invasion and occupation of Poland;


(2) encourages increased education about the atrocities committed by German forces led by Adolf Hitler against the Poles;


(3) recognizes the critical role that the Republic of Poland plays in maintaining stability and security in Europe;


(4) calls for the strengthening and broadening of diplomatic, economic, and security ties between the United States and the Republic of Poland.


How might we help gain support for this resolution?

Steven Peterson, senior legislative assistant to Congressman Suozzi (Senior Legislative Assistant-Congressman Thomas R. Suozzi (NY-03)407 Cannon HOB | Washington, D.C. 20515 Office: (202) 225-3335 | Fax: (202) 225-4669  requests that Polish American organizations and members of Polonia contact their US Representatives (depending on the district they live in) asking them to co-sponsor this resolution along with Congressman Suozzi. Later, once it comes before the whole House for a vote, we should summon our US Representative to vote in support of the resolution. If you have any questions or would like more information about the resolution, you may contact Steven Peterson.

Contact can be made by, email, letter, or telephone call to your representative. Be sure to state in your introduction, when calling or writing, that you are a voting constituent in the representative’s district. Remember to state the title of the resolution you are contacting them about. Telephone calls provide the opportunity to leave a voice mail message. See who represents your district: where you will enter your 8 digit zip code and find a link or Google your representative by name for specific contact information. As of January 2021, current US House Delegation from Michigan: