Polish American Congress reacts to comments by FBI Director, James B. Comey

PAC National Pres. Frank Spula’s letter to FBI Director Comey


Mr. James B. Comey, Director

Federal Bureau of Investigation

935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, D.C. 20535-0001

Dear Director Comey,

The Polish American Congress, and the Polish American community it represents, were appalled

by your recent comment at the Holocaust Museum Annual Dinner in which you presented Poland

as a Nazi collaborator with full complicity in the horrors that Nazi Germany imposed on Poland

and surrounding countries during World War II. We consider your words to be strongly offensive

to Poland and all people of Polish descent both in the United States as well as those living

throughout the world.

Your remarks were not only grossly inaccurate but also hurtful. Poland never collaborated with the

Nazi German occupiers. On the contrary, Polish citizens operated the largest opposition

underground of any occupied country. Furthermore, the Holocaust Museum itself holds an exhibit

on the “Righteous Among the Nations” – individuals of all nations recognized by Yad Vashem for

helping Jews during World War II. You may notice there that Poles constitute by far the

largest group of all, and that despite the fact that in Poland, and only in Poland, helping Jews was

punished by death not only for the person who directly helped, but also for their entire family:

spouse, children, parents, even extended family. Your remarks were an insult to all of them, and

countless others who fought against Nazi oppression.

We are saddened that an individual of your stature has just created so much damage to the good

image of Poland, its people worldwide, as well as to historical accuracy of Poland’s role in World

War II.

We truly hope that you own up to your mistake and will offer a public apology, published in the

Washington Post, addressed to the Polish American community and to the Republic of Poland for

your recent, grossly offensive and inaccurate choice of words.


Frank J. Spula,


Polish American Congress



Dear PAC National Directors;

Please contact the White House via phone or internet and

demand the immediate resignation of the FBI Director Comey 

for his slanderous and deeply offensive statement about the Polish people.

Below is the link to the White House


Also please forward this request to your fellow PAC members in state divisions and national organizations.

Thank you for standing up in defense of the good name of Poland and Polonia!

Sincerely yours,

Maria Szonert Binienda

Vice President of Polish Affairs

Polish American Congress





April 22, 2015


Federal Bureau of Investigation

935 Pennsylvania Ave, NW

Washington D.C. 20535-0001


Dear Director Comey,

The executive board and members of the Polish American Congress- Michigan Division, along with Polish Americans of our state, found your imprudent and rash remarks at the Holocaust Museum Annual Dinner most offensive.

Where, in fact Poland, and the Polish nation were victims and suffered greatly under the German Nazi oppression and terror from 1939-1945, what you stated gave a most misleading picture, implying that they were part of the evil perpetrated on the Jews. It is widely documented that many Poles risked their own lives, and those of their families, to protect and rescue the Jews.

We, therefore, strongly insist that you rectify your recent, grossly inaccurate comments by making a public apology, and so in this way you would help to set the record straight on this subject.



Ann Bankowski

PAC-MI President