After a two-years-break while I was working as an interpreter with a US Army contingent in Poland, I began preparing our Radiothon from scratch and it was a good reminder about how serious and huge of an undertaking it is in terms of logistical and organizational efforts. I would like to share some information about what has to be done to prepare our annual Radiothon with the recipients of this newsletter before we start answering the phone calls from the listeners of the Polish Varieties Radio program between 7 and 10 am. According to the PAC MI tradition the vicinity of the Polish Independence Day is the best time to appeal for additional funds to the members and friends of our organization.
New letters in English and Polish that I wrote, I wanted to present in a new graphic way to get the immediate attention of the recipients to encourage them to send the much needed funds to the PAC MI. This year, I made use of Ms. Anita Dul’s (Chief Operations Officer at PAC FCU) idea to share the costs of mailing of our Radiothon appeals and stuff our envelopes with information regarding these who will participate in the cost of mailing. I addition to our Credit Union, I asked Mrs. Agnieszka Ubysz, the Founder and Principal of the Polish Language Academy in Troy, the only educational organization-member of the PAC MI and Mrs. Anna Korkiewicz, the real estate agent to share the costs. The next step was to get the best pricing for printing, preparing address labels, envelopes, postage and stuffing the envelopes with flyers. We did it collectively with members of PAC MI Senior Club, Board members, and some volunteers. Special thanks go to Mrs. Irena Bańkowska-Marks, Barbara Lemecha, Helena Żmurkiewicz, and Jan Berent, Anna Korkiewicz, Karol Korkiewicz, Jerzy Różalski. Mrs. Małgorzata Błaszkiewicz was also helpful as an administrative assistant. Thanks to Anna Korkiewicz we were able to prepare a list of more than 2000 recipients. I have to admit that this year we received first responses and first checks within two days after we sent our Radiothon appeals.
November 9, 2013 was coming and we got a group of volunteers to answer phone calls and to talk over the radio about the PAC MI achievements, projects, and needs. Gena Jurek, Zdzisław Jurek, and Helena Żmurkiewicz were working in the PAC MI office in Hamtramck. Jolanta Bujny, Barbara Lemecha, Jerzy Różalski, Sebastian Szczepański and Mariusz Szajnert were answering phone calls and talking about the PAC MII achievements at the radio station WNZK 680/690 AM. This year we were able to get some prizes for the Radiothon participants from: Dearborn Symphony Spring Concert (2 tickets), Eden Bookstore in Hamtramck, Polish Art and Book w Troy, Polish Time (1 year subscription), Polish Varieties Radio (2 tickets for Polish Varieties Radio Annual Ball), Polish Village Cafe (2 gift certificates $25 each), Polonia Restaurant in Hamtramck, Srodek Deli in Hamtramck, Spa and Troy Pharmacy (2 gift certificates $25 each). The drawing will take place after the quarterly membership meeting on December 7, 2013. I would like to thank all of this year’s volunteers and helpers as well as all donors!

Mariusz Szajnert, President