PAC MI Communication with President Spula on the National Directors Forum

January 10, 2022

PAC National Directors’ Internet Forum

Dear PAC National Directors,

I was very happy to hear about the recent virtual meeting with the new US Ambassador to Poland, Mark Brzezinski, with a number of representatives of Polonian groups. I was also heartened by Mr. Spula’s presence and his remarks about President Trump keeping his word to support Poland. President Wilson also understood the importance of Poland to the future of peace in Europe, as did the then future 31st President, Herbert Hoover, when visiting post war and newly forming Poland in 1919. During that visit he witnessed a heartbreaking scene in Warsaw. Twenty five thousand children had walked barefoot to pay him homage. Within hours he telegraphed for help and 700,000 overcoats and 700,000 pairs of shoes were shipped to Poland before the onset of winter.

We earnestly hope that President Biden, and his closest advisors, recognize the need for such support and protecting the integrity of Poland’s borders. God forbid that any “Yalta like” decisions are made. I believe that Polish American Congress can play a critical role, during these perilous times, in leading a unified and organized Polonia in calling out our desire to protect and defend Poland. Its safety and prosperity affect us all here in US. I look at the meeting with the ambassador as a game changer and a reminder that several developments need to occur as soon as possible:

  1. Poland’s safety is a concern of all Polonia-worldwide, therefore our PAC ought to try to establish understandings with leading Polonian organizations in other countries (Canada, Australia, Argentina, Ukraine, France, etc.) with the goal of communicating on vital issues with Polonia of the World.
  2. President Spula’s efforts to represent Polonian interests will be enhanced when other groups are involved in a collaborative and consultative process which should serve to strengthen and unite us all.

3. President Spula can benefit by surrounding himself with people knowledgeable on issues and world developments leading to more energetic action plans our times demand.

Such increased attention and efforts help to pay back the debt we owe to the 25,000 Polish volunteers who left families, jobs and their comforts and went to fight for Poland during WWI and afterwards in Poland. We continue to help and fortify ourselves and our ethnic group in America when we NEVER lose our fighting spirit.


Ann Bankowski, President
Polish American Congress-Michigan Division