Mariusz Szajnert wins the PAC elections

Mariusz Szajnert was elected the President of the Polish American Congress (PAC) Michigan Division at the bi-annual election meeting held Saturday, March 7, at the PNA Council 122 hall in Hamtramck. It will be Szajnert’s second 2-year term as the leader of PAC Michigan.
There were two candidates for the office of Presidency, Mariusz Szajnert who received 69 votes, and Stella Wąsacz, well-known Polonian leader (President of PNA Council 122 and the Polish American Central Citizens Committee) who received 31 votes.
In other races at the election meeting, Mary Ellen Tyszka was voted into the office of Executive Vice President (86 votes) beating Alexandra Porter (15 votes).
Zdzisław Jurek (68 votes), Mary Ellen Tyszka (67 votes), Jerzy Różalski (64 votes) and Gena Jurek (64 votes) will serve as the National Directors.
Some candidates for PAC officers had no oppositions: Donald Horkey will again hold the office of Treasurer, Zdzisław Jurek will serve as the Vice President for Polish Affairs, Henrietta Nowakowski will become the Vice President for American Affairs, Sebastian Szczepanski will serve as the Corresponding Secretary, Anna Bankowski and Helena Żmurkieiwicz will become Recording Secrataries.
Since there were no candidates for Audit Committee, the nominations came during the election meeting. There were five nominees and all of them will serve as Auditors. They are: Jolanta Butny, Donna Kutylowski, Virginia Skrzyniarz, Alicja Karlic and Jane Tylenda.
The members of the PAC Michigan also elected the State Directors. They are: Walter Bankowski, Jerzy Czaja, Anita Dul, Barbara Gronet, Halina Konwiak, Irena Lisiecki, Barbara Martin, Ronald Martin, Rev. Bogdan Miłosz, Carolyn Meleski, Rev. Jarosław Nowak, Edward Nizienki, Mary Ann Nowak, Stanisław Pena, Thaddeus Radzilowski, John Świdwiński, Jane Tylenda i Rev. Timothy Whalen.
The installations of the newly elected officers will take place on April 4 at the American Polish Cultural Center in Troy.