PLEASE READ NOW AND TAKE ACTION!!! Important Appeal from the National PAC Office

Please ask your Division’s members, and ask your members to encourage their friends, to make a maximal effort now by telephoning either the Washington Office, or the District Office, of their Member of the House of Representatives (sometimes called Congressman). Staffers log the number of telephone calls in support of, and in opposition to, legislation under consideration by the House of Representatives.


Suggested Script:

Callers should include the following information in their telephone message:


My name is________, from (city).  I am a constituent of Congressman/Congresswoman (name),


I am calling as a member (sympathizer) of the Polish American Congress to ask Congressman/ Congresswoman (name) NOT to apply to Poland House Resolution 1226, which is now under consideration by the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Poland and the Poles were victims of Nazi Germany, and NOT villains who perpetrated the mass murder of European Jewry on Nazi German occupied conquered Polish territory. This is why H. R. 1226 should NOT be applied to Poland.


Thank you.


House of Representatives

One tab lists representatives alphabetically by name, another by state and district.

If you know neither the name nor the district, enter your ZIP code under “Find your Representative” in the upper right corner of the page. Note: If your ZIP code spans more than one congressional district, you will be asked for your ZIP+4. If you don’t know it, you can find out by entering your address in this US Postal Service page:

Once you find the link to your representative, it will lead you directly to his/her website – there is no standardized address information as for senators. Since each representative’s site is individually designed, you must look around to find contact information.

Electronic messages are submitted through a web form, accessible from the representative’s site.