Condolences to the Family of Former President George H.W. Bush


As President of the Polish American Congress, and on behalf of the PAC Executive Committee, our PAC members, Polish Americans throughout our great country, as well as our many friends, I extend my deepest sympathies to the President George H.W. Bush Family upon his passing.

The death of the 41st President of the United States brings to mind the many times President Bush supported Poland’s quest for freedom.

As we say farewell to a decorated World War II veteran, as well as a consistent fighter for freedom during the Cold War, I wish to thank President Bush for his support of the Solidarity Movement that resulted in Poland becoming free in 1989.

Polish Americans stand in unity with Andrzej Duda, President of the Republic of Poland, who recently noted after President Bush’s passing the following words spoken during the Solidarity era. These words ring true today as they did in 1989:

“Today, to those who think that hopes can forever be suppressed, I say: Let them look at Poland. To those who think that freedom can be forever denied, I say: Let them look at Poland. And to those who think that dreams can be forever repressed, I say: Look at Poland! For here in Poland, the dream is alive.”

During his long career in public service, Mr. Bush traveled to Chicago and visited the Polish National Alliance headquarters. He was warmly received. As Vice President, Mr. Bush also attended the funeral wake for Aloysius Mazewski, Polish American Congress and Polish National Alliance President. For his genuineness and caring support, we are very grateful.


Frank J. Spula

President, Polish American Congress