An Invitation and Earnest Appeal to Come Together ~ First Sunday, Polish Mass at Orchard Lake

Dear PAC Officers and Chairpersons!

I extend this invitation on behalf of PAC-MI and all who care about our beloved Orchard Lake.


There is commotion within Polonia re OLS and the Seminary closing. There is much controversy, many emotions, and many opinions being expressed. However we feel there is one very positive and important way we can come together- in prayer.


I attach the invitation for each of you to join Polonia on Sunday, October 3, 2021 for 1:00 pm Polish mass at the St. John Paul II Shrine on the OLS campus.


Our appeal to you: Let us fill the Shrine Chapel!


Please come and let others know of this opportunity for us to come together and make our supplications known to our Lord. May He hear us and direct us in the right direction.


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