A Letter from Edward Wojciech Jesman, President and National Director of PAC of Southern California

Edward Wojciech Jeśman
President & National Director
PAC of Southern California


A MESSAGE TO MY ENGLISH SPEAKING FRIENDS! Dear Friends! Please do not trust your official media stories of Poland being overrun by 60,000+ fascists, racists, Nazis and other far right elements. Such claims are false and baseless. To see how Warsaw Independence Day March of 2017 really looked like please click on the link enclosed below. No burning cars! No vandalism! No arrests! Instead you see: Deep pride! Love of the country! Real sense of community and overriding patriotism! Appreciation of our long and rich history and culture!… Unfortunately, large number of media sources in the United States has branded the celebrations commemorating the 99th anniversary of the Poland’s Independence of November 11, 2017 as a social and political menace full of unchecked nationalism, racism, fascism and Nazism. Media channels have edited their footage of the march in ways, which completely misrepresented its character and further enhanced their “reporting” with highly distorted commentary full of unsubstantiated claims of violence and insinuations of alleged general mayhem perpetrated by the marchers. Multi-generational, patriotic participants, full of pride and love of the country, have been belittled, disparaged and unfairly labeled with onslaught of appalling and engineered fake news overflowing with obvious anti-Polish bias. The deliberate mischaracterizations of Poland and her people, create an untrue and unacceptable image of Poland as a backward country overrun by fascists. The dissemination of an image of Poland as a country full of bigotry, intolerance, racial bias, xenophobia and antisemitism clashes with the facts. Nothing in fact could be further from the truth. Poland is a modern, economically, socially and politically developed country. She is safe to live in and known around for her hospitality. Media reporting, full of falsehoods and absurd exaggerations, truly pains us, Poles, because it not only tries to undermine Poland ‘s sovereignty and eliminate our traditional values but also tries to establish and propagate bad image of Poles and Polish Americans. Media’s conduct in obvious way institutes, condones and perpetrates anti-Polish bias and amounts to hate speech. We Poles are astonished, shocked and angered by the scope and intensity of the most recent anti-Polish propaganda campaign, which is directed at nothing less than the suppression and elimination of Polish sovereignty and Polish way of life. Needless to say that we view media’s anti-Polish agenda as hostile, political, unprincipled, intellectually flawed, professionally dishonest and morally and legally corrupt. Such continued conduct is absolutely unacceptable. Their actions are widely viewed as harmful and damaging to the interests and safety of Poland, Poles and the Polish-American community of the United States… Edward WojciechJeśman