Michigan Division of the Polish American Congress

PACThe Polish American Congress, Michigan Division (hereafter referred to as “The Division”) is a local division of the Polish American Congress Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “The Congress”), which is a national organization.  The Division and its members, both individuals and organizations, shall adhere to and be bound by the “By-Laws of the Polish American Congress”.

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PAC-MI President responds to Detroit News bias reporting

It is obvious that Monday’s Detroit News online article reporting on the Independence March in Poland, which took place on 11-11-17 reflected, in orientation and emphasis, political preferences and not reality on the ground.  The Independence March's main theme "We want God", proclaimed by the first huge banner at the head of the march, was … [Read More...]

Polish American organizations reacts to racist remarks on Saturday Night Live

Polish American organizations joined in on the protests demanding apology from the producers of the popular comedy show Saturday Night Live, which in the episode aired on November 4, included a racist remarks about Polish Americans, as well as allowed its host for this SNL episode, comedian Larry David, to make distasteful jokes about picking up … [Read More...]

PAC official partner of the United States World War One Centennial Commission

The Polish American Congress is among official partners of the United States World War One Centennial Commission.  The Commission was created by an Act of Congress in 2013.  This Act was passed in order to honor and recognize the centennial of America's involvement with World War I. The Commission is in charge of planning, developing, and … [Read More...]

PAC –Michigan at the Sterling Heights Diversity Dinner

Officers of Polish American Congress Michigan Division were present at this year’s edition of the Sterling Heights Diversity Dinner, Thursday, September 21, organized by the city’s Ethnic Community Committee.  The event included presentation of the Diversity Distinction Awards.  The goal of the event is to increase appreciation of different … [Read More...]


Animated History of Poland

Courtesy of Polish Embassy in California. An 8 minute video, depicting … [Read More...]

Polska Parada Po Raz 35

Colorful display of Polish folk costumes and marching bands … [Read More...]

Forming of the Polish Army

The forming of the Polish Army in the Soviet Union and evacuation of … [Read More...]